Stone – a rock solid business

Stone is a strategy and communication consulting firm that adds significant value to respected brands and client organisations since 2008. Stone’s sound strategic thinking and detailed implementation methodologies ensure clear business strategies, effective integrated marketing and results-reaping communication for its clients. Communication is harnessed as a critical business tool to safeguard reputations, enable change and drive public issue debates. The experienced Stone team provides trusted counsel to an esteemed blue-chip client list. Stone is driven by adding value, also beyond its own bottom-line. As a founding business principle, the Stone team adds ongoing value to a number of charitable, empowering and social initiatives through financial investment as well as by applying their respected professional skills on a pro bono basis.

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Strategy gives direction – direction gives focus and focus gives companies the ability to move forward in pursuit of growth, improvement, financial success and sustainability; they don’t remain trapped in a cycle of mere maintenance and mediocrity.


Communication is key to reputation building and internal cohesion, taking care of the soul of an organisation – it ensures informed business stakeholders, facilitates the sharing of ideas that lead to innovation and success to resolve differences in a constructive way.


When we consult to clients, we become part of their extended team. Stone prides itself on the quality and deep varied international experience of our consultants. Our approach is one of providing trusted counsel to our clients, rather than just repackaging what they tell us.

Braink Features
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How Stone adds value

Drawing on sound international experience and proven skills,
Stone can add value to your business through our range of strategy and communication consulting services.

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We value our clients

Stone holds its clients dear and frequently forms part of their in-house teams to execute strategy development and implementation. We realise the importance of clients' reputations and brands and therefore often go beyond our brief to guard these assets. In recognition of how highly Stone values its clients, we always deploy senior consultants on the account to guide strategy development with the client's business objectives in mind.

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