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Willem S Eksteen, CE of Stone, 'Reframing your business strategy to weather the COVID-19 storm...' - a webinar hosted by Business Unite for the (SA) UAE and streamed to the SA Accountants Association on 7 May 2020. Contact us at Stone on +27114470168 to connect or e-mail willem@stone.consulting.

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Before thinking about profits as a measure of business success, first ask yourself, do you serve others with what you do every day? A truly great business always delivers undeniable value and when you focus on giving value as a way of life, the money will naturally follow. Your real worth is defined by how much more value you give than how much you take in payment. This is the first of five laws of stratospheric business success as articulated in The Go-Giver.

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Howard Yu, Lego Professor of Management and Innovation at IMD Business School in Switzerland, discusses how the industrial cluster in the Swiss city of Basel is a unique example of enduring competitive advantage. He explains how early dye makers were able to continually jump to new capabilities and thrive for generations. He says the story of those companies offers a counter-narrative to the pessimistic view that unless your company is Google or Apple, you can’t stay ahead of the competition for long.

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